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National Links

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Acarology The study of mites & ticks and many other sources of information on the subject.
Aphid ID Photographic guide to the most commonly seen UK aphids.
Aquatic Heteroptera Information and recording of UK freshwater & marine water bugs.
Auchenorrhyncha Recording Scheme Information and recording of UK leafhoppers, planthoppers, froghoppers, treehoppers & cicadas.
Barkfly Recording Scheme Species accounts, identification, galleries & recording information.
Bordered Brown Lacewing Project 'Buglife' project report on this nationally scarce lacewing.
British Bugs Information and identification of UK 'true bugs'.
British Myriapod & Isopod Group The study and recording of centipedes, millipedes, woodlice & waterlice.
Buglife The only organisation in Europe dedicated to the conservation of all invertebrates. Information, resources & campaigns.
Cladocera Interest Group Information, identification, recording & articles on cladocera, commonly referred to as water fleas.
Collembola UK Information & identification of UK collembola (springtails).
Common UK Slugs Identification guide to common slug species.
Conchological Society of Britain & Ireland Information, identification, recording, publications & research of the large family of molluscs.
UK Crayfish Hub Information & conservation projects about white clawed crayfish.
Earthworm Society of Britain Advancing the understanding, study & conservation of earthworms.
Freshwater Leeches Basic guide to 16 species of UK freshwater leeches.
Freshwater Molluscs Identification Brian Eversham's identification keys
Freshwater Snails Guide Beginners guide to freshwater snails of central Scotland
Grasshoppers & Related Insects Recording Scheme Information, species accounts & recording of grasshoppers, crickets, earwigs, stick insects, cockroaches & mantids.
Isopod & Myriapods of Britain & Ireland Facebook Page Identification and exchange of information about centipedes, millepedes, woodlice & waterlice.
Lacewings & Allies Recording Scheme Information, identification & recording of UK lacewings
Land & Freshwater Mollusca, Britain & Europe Facebook Page Identification, exchange of photographs and discussion group.
Land Snails Identification Key Step by step guide to identifying land based UK snails.
Marvellous Mud Snails Public engagement projects into the scarce pond mud snail.
New Forest Cicada Project 'Buglife' project to conserve this endangered UK species.
Pantheon Analytical tool assisting in the conservation of UK invertebrates & their habitats.
Riverfly Partnership Identification & recording of mayflies, stoneflies & caddisflies.
Shield Bugs Atlas 2018 provisional atlas of UK shield bugs & their allies.
Terrestrial Slugs Galleries Steven Falk's photographs of UK slugs.


Yorkshire Links

Link Info Region
Caddisflies Group Sub group of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union. Yorks
Centipedes, Millipedes & Woodlice Group Species accounts in Yorkshire & recording information. Yorks
Grasshoppers & Crickets Interest Group Sub group of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union. Yorks
Mayflies Interest Group Sub group of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union. Yorks
Sorby Invertebrates Club Sheffield area invertebrates study group. S.Yorks
Stoneflies Group Sub group of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union. Yorks
True Bugs & Lacewings Group Sub group of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union. Yorks
Yorkshire Crayfish Project 3 year project (now finished) about conservation of white clawed crayfish. Yorks