National Links

Link Info
Aquatic Coleoptera Conservation Trust Information and recording of UK water beetle species.
Balfour Browne Club Facebook Page Social media platform for water beetle info and photo sharing.
Beetle News Short lived online journal for beetle enthusiasts, all 11 journals.
Beetles of Britain & Ireland Facebook Page Identification and photo sharing of UK beetles.
Beetle Recording UK All of the UK beetle recording schemes plus a wealth of beetle information.
Blue Ground Beetle Project Buglife project to save this rare & globally threatened beetle.
British Silphidae Identification keys for British burying beetles & their allies.
Coleoptera Families Guide to 10 of the most common beetle families in the UK.
Coleopterist (The) Leading journal for the study of  UK beetles.
Glow Worms Recording Scheme Information, how to identify, blog page & recording.
Guides to British Beetles John Walter's & Mark Telfer's guides to British beetles.
Ladybird Survey Species accounts, identification & recording information.
Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme Species checklist, identification galleries & recording information.
Oil Beetle Recovery Project Collaborative project to save these nationally declining beetles.
Pot Beetle Project 'Buglife' project surveying pot beetle species in Scotland.
Scarlet Malachite Beetle Project 'Buglife'project to conserve this rare UK beetle.
Stag Beetles Information & identification of UK & European stag beetles.
Streaked Bombadier Beetle Project 'Buglife' project to conserve this extremely rare UK beetle.
Weevil & Bark Beetle Recording Scheme Species accounts, identification resources & recording information.


Yorkshire Links

Link Info Region
Blackmoorfoot Beetles 2012 survey of the beetles found at Blackmoorfoot reservoir. W.Yorks
Chestnut Click Beetle Project 'Buglife' project to record & conserve this nationally rare beetle. N.Yorks
Tansy Beetle Action Group Overseeing conservation efforts to save this beetle from extinction. N.Yorks