Butterflies & Moths

National Links

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Atropos Journal for butterfly, moth & dragonfly enthusiasts.
Big Butterfly Count Take part in the UK's annual butterfly survey.
British Caterpillars ID Illustrated guide to British caterpillars.
British & Irish Butterfly ID App Comprehensive identification guide to 61 regularly occurring butterflies.
Butterflies & Moths Galleries One of many Flickr galleries
Eggs, Larvae & Pupae of Moths & Butterflies How to identify butterflies & moths in their various stages plus prefered food source.
Garden Moth Survey Citizen science project open to all moth enthusiasts
Gelechiid Moths Recording Scheme Information & recording of this family of micro moths.
Illustrated Guide to British Caterpillars Comprehensive ID guide to UK moth & butterfly catterpillars.
Moths by Larval Food Plant Comprehensive list of larval food plants and moth species.
Moths Count Encouraging enthusiasm for UK moths and runs the National Moth Recording Scheme.
Moth ID British moth identification site.
Moths ID App Photographic identification guide to over 2,000 UK moths
Moth Shots Systematic list and photo galleries of UK moths
Moth trap guide NHBS guide to the various moth traps available.
National Moth Recording Scheme Co-ordinated by Butterfly Conservation, open to all with an interest in moths.
UK Butterflies Online community of butterfly enthusiasts including various forums.
UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme Gathering user submitted records to assess the state of UK butterflies.
UK Moths Definitive online guide to British moths
Wider Countryside Butterfly Count Ongoing project to record butterflies in the countryside. Includes results from previous years.
Wildlife Insight Butterfly & moth sightings, identification guides & galleries.


Regional Links

Link Info Region
Butterflies & Moths of the Yorkshire Dales Common & rare butterflies and moths to be found in the Dales. N. Yorks
Butterfly Conservation Yorkshire Yorkshire branch of Butterfly Conservation. Sightings, local sites, recording and group events. Yorkshire
Calderdale Moths Moths, butterflies & dragonflies of the Calderdale area (Blog) W. Yorks
Charlie's Moths of Calderdale Extensive archive of records and images of moths & butterflies of the Calderdale area. W.Yorks
South Yorkshire Lepidoptera Ongoing INaturalist project group page S. Yorks
Yorkshire Entomolography East Yorks based blog with moths & butterflies as well as other insects. E. Yorks
Yorkshire Moths Huge database and galleries of Yorkshire moths Yorkshire