The scientific study of insects.

National Links

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Amateur Entomologist's Society Aimed at amateurs and younger people. A wealth of information about all insect species, regular online journals, fact sheets & identification leaflets.
British Entomological & Natural History Society Long established entomological society. Journal publications, news, resources, most of which are available with membership.
Buglife With a focus on insects, the only organisation in Europe dedicated to the conservation of all invertebrates.
Common UK Insects Woodland Trust's guide to common insect groups.
Database of Insects & their Food Plants Scholarly (i.e. latin names only) but otherwise comprehensive database of insects by food source.
Entomological Club (The)

The oldest & most exclusive entomology society in the world.

Insects & other Invertebrates Facebook Page Identification and photo sharing of all insects & other invertebrates of the UK and Europe.
Leaf & Stem Mines of UK Insects Information, checklists & identification of leaf mines (the characteristic tracks made by insect larvae).
Mikes's Insect Keys Identification keys for most of the insect groups to be found in the UK.
Pantheon Analytical tool assisting in the conservation of UK invertebrates & their habitats.
Royal Entomology Society The home of insect science. Information, publications and special interest groups.


Yorkshire Links

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Sorby Invertebrate Club

Sheffield & surrounding area insects & other invertebrates study group.

Yorkshire Entomolography Paul Ashton's accounts & galleries of many insect species. E.Yorks
Yorkshire Naturalist Union Insect pages of the YNU lists several special interest groups including butterflies & moths, bees & wasps, flies and beetles. Yorks