National Links

Link Info
All About Hoverflies Information and photo guide to common UK hoverflies.
Black Fly.Org A hub of information about blackflies & blackfly enthusiasts.
Blow Fly Recording Scheme Identification and recording of UK blow flies.
Bog Hoverfly Project Final report on this project to conserve this endangered hoverfly.
British Scathophagidae Identification, information & recording of this small group of flies.
Cranefly Recording Scheme Information, identification & recording of UK craneflies.
Dipterists Forum Leading UK society for the study of true flies. A wealth fly related information including all the fly species recording schemes.
European Micropezids & Tanypezids Information, identification & recording of these small flies, often referred to as stilt legged or 'stretch legged' flies.
Hoverfly ID Guide A photo guide to the larger and most common UK hoverflies.
Hoverfly Recording Scheme Identification and recording of UK hoverflies.
Malloch Society UK & European dipterist society based in Scotland
Soldier Flies & Allies Recording Scheme Species accounts by county, identification resources & recording information.
Tachinid Flies Recording Scheme Species accounts, identification, articles & recording information.
UK Hoverflies Facebook Group Social media platform for sharing hoverfly info and pictures.


Yorkshire Links

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Yorkshire Entomolography A selection of fly species recorded in East Yorkshire. E. Yorks
Diptera Interest Group Special interest group of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union. Includes a list of fly species recorded in Yorkshire. Yorkshire