From mould to yeast, fungi are a diverse kingdom with over 15,000 species in the UK. Mushrooms or toadstools are the reproductive, umbrella shaped fruiting bodies of certain fungi. These organisms can be found in almost every natural habitat, but more often than not tend to be found in woodlands.

National Links

Link Info
Amanita (British Isles Fungi) Large collection of photographic images (500) of UK fungi species.
Association of Foragers (the) A directory of foragers from across the UK and beyond.
British & Irish Fungi Facebook Group Fungi identification & exchange of information and photographs.
British Mycological Society Fungal biology research, conservation & education.
Checklist of Basidiomycota of Britain & Ireland Searchable data base of all known species of this major fungi group.
Fungal Records Database of Britain & Ireland Extensive database of user submitted fungi records. Ability to upload & view records once logged in.
Fungi Identification Guide First Nature's guide to the commonly found fungi.
Fungus Conservation Trust UK's leading charity into mycological conservation. Journal publication, access to the CATE2 database & a facebook forum.
Fungus.Org Articles, a few id keys & links to other national & european fungus groups.
Mushroom Spotters UK Facebook Group Fungi identification and general 'shroom talk'
UK Fungi Forum for discussion, identification and recording of UK fungi species.
Waxcaps Identification keys, information & conservation of waxcap fungi species.
Waxcap & Allied Fungi Identification. UKEconet's guide to waxcaps & allied fungi.
Wildfood UK Information about foraging, articles and a guide to edible fungi.


Yorkshire Links

Link Info Region
Calderdale Fungi Old blog of Halifax Scientific Society fungi group. W.Yorks
Charlies Fungi of Calderdale Photographic archive of fungi species in the Calderdale area W.Yorks
Edible Leeds Leeds based foraging site. Events & guided foraging tours W.Yorks
East Yorkshire Fungus Group Finding, identifying & recording fungus in East Yorkshire. E.Yorks
Mid Yorkshire Fungus Group Finding, identifying & recording fungus within a 30 mile radius of Leeds Yorkshire
Sorby Fungus Group Finding, identifying & recording fungus in and around Sheffield. Monthly newsletter & field trips. S.Yorks

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