Founded in 1989, Plantlife is a relatively new wildlife charity. Their work as you might imagine is dedicated to the welfare of wild flowers and plants in the UK and their activities fall under the following main aspects -

Conservation: Leading the way with projects such as 'Save our Magnificent Meadows'. Ever since the 2nd world war when many of our species rich grasslands were ploughed over for national food production, our traditional meadows have declined at an alarming rate with a huge 97% lost since the 1930s. Plantlife is aiming to conserve the remaining 3% and assist landowners to create new meadows with this ambitious project that includes 4 sites in Yorkshire - Raincliffe Meadows, near Scarborough, Rawcliffe and Three Hagges Meadows, both near York, and Pye Flatts Meadows near Barnsley. Plantlife is also involved in several other similar projects aimed at the conservation of habitats in which wild plants can thrive including coastal dune systems, upland areas, heathland, woodlands and arable farming.

Campaigning: Plantlife campaigns on many issues that affect the nation's the wild flowers and plant species. Their road verges campaign, ongoing since 2013, summed up by the slogan 'cut less and cut later' has helped to preserve these important sanctuaries for wild flowers and pollinator species, whilst their 'keep peat in the ground' message is helping preserve our declining bog habitats by putting pressure on horticultural suppliers to reduce the sale and provide alternative products to organic peat as a fertilizer.

Advice & Policy: Specialist guidance about large scale environmental projects, botanical surveys, advice for farmers and other land owners, and outreach work in schools and colleges are just a few of the ways Plantlife use their considerable expertise and educational resources. In line and in collaboration with other charitable wildlife organisations, their views on air pollution, climate change and re wilding help to inform environmental projects and influence national policy makers.

In addition Plantlife owns and manages 23 nature reserves across the UK with their flagship site being at Ranscombe, on the edge of the Medway, Kent. Two of their reserves are in Yorkshire - Winskill Stones, near Settle and Thompson's Meadow, part of Brockadale nature reserve, near Kirk Smeaton. They also list 'important plant areas' (IPA) - places to see some of our most threatened wild flowers and plant species, with three of these situated in  Yorkshire - Bolton Abbey Woods, Arnecliffe & Park Hole Woods and a large tract of the Yorkshire Dales Limestone area.