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As you might expect from a site born in Yorkshire this is, I hope, a straightforward 'no nonsense' representation of what it says on the tin - Yorkshire's Wildlife. A directory of some of the best places to see and appreciate the wealth of wildlife available in this wonderful county of Yorkshire. In addition you'll find information and links to the various wildlife organisations, interest groups and blogs, up to date news about conservation issues affecting the county, and holding it all together - regular features and articles on a variety of Yorkshire wildlife topics in the form of a blog.

The blog aside, I've arranged the above into 3 broad sections - Places, People and the Blog (as seen on the top menu) with each of these containing the following information.



  • Yorkshire Wildlife Sites: The locations of all of the nature reserves in Yorkshire that are managed by recognised conservation bodies eg. Wildlife Trusts, RSPB and Woodland Trust, plus all the Local and National Nature Reserves (designated as such by Natural England), some of the more accessible SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and most of the nature reserves managed by local conservation groups. In addition I've included various 'other' sites, some of which are on estate land with the rest mainly under local council responsibility. The interactive map in this section shows all of these sites, all colour coded according to their designation, with basic information about each site and links to further more detailed information. In most cases, apart from urban sites, I've also included a walk or two plus links to any nearby long distance paths.

  • SSSIs: Treated slightly differently, this section shows the location of all of the Sites of Special Scientific Interest that have been designated by Natural England for their biological interest. Some of these are also nature reserves managed by conservation bodies and included in Yorkshire Wildlife Sites, but many others are on privately owned land. In all cases SSSIs are sites that contain threatened and / or declining habitats and species. For this reason I have limited the information on each site to that contained on Natural England's database in the form of a link.


  • Here you'll find a brief description of each of Yorkshire's four geographical regions, their basic make up in terms of the topography, countryside and urban areas. Each of the four pages also includes a map of the top sites for wildlife watching in that region. They won't be everyone's top sites of course, what I've done is try to pick the major nature reserves and sites that represent a broad appeal to all aspects wildlife.

Living Landscapes

  • Being the largest county in the UK, Yorkshire includes several distinctive and substantial landscapes within its boundaries including 3 National Parks and many miles of Heritage coastline. I've covered the following areas - Yorkshire Dales, North Yorks Moors, Pennines / Peak District, Humberhead Peatlands, Howardian Hills, Nidderdale and The Coast, with a description of each, how these areas are being managed for the benefit of the natural environment and a selection of top wildlife sites for each area

A - Z List of Sites

  • A complete list of all of the nature reserves, SSSIs and local sites in Yorkshire currently included in Yorkshire's Wildlife. Select any one of these and it will bring up its location on the map and information about the site.


Wildlife Groups

  • From birds to bees and from the land to the sea, just about every living thing on earth has the capacity to fascinate us human beings. Its beyond the scope of this site to detail the existence of all living things, even within Yorkshire, but there many groups of people, from large organisations to small conservation groups, that cover just about everything that grows, crawls, flies or swims, and in this section you'll find a brief description and external links to the vast majority of these groups. This section also includes selected wildlife blogs and facebook groups. I've limited these groups to National (Britain & Northern Ireland) and then any Yorkshire specific groups and organisations, excluding for the time being International groups (just too many!)


  • Whereas the previous section (Wildlife Groups) is largely links based, here you'll find more detailed information about the major conservation / wildlife organisations. Typically those organisations that own and manage land and / or nature reserves such as National Trust, RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts, but also a few of the other major conservation bodies such as the Naturalist Societies and the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology).

The Blog

Wildlife News

  • Regular updates about what's happening in the wildlife world of Yorkshire. I don't aim to compete with real time alerts (there are plenty of other sites for that), my news comes more in the way of 'round ups' with links to the relevant sources of information. 

Conservation News

  • Topical information about conservation issues affecting the natural world and environment in Yorkshire.

Site Visits

  • I visit a lot of nature reserves and from time to time I'll report on these including information about access, what I've seen on the day and general information about the reserve / site.


  • Periodic features about a variety of Yorkshire related wildife topics. From birds to bees and everything else in between these are more in depth articles and I welcome any suggestions or contributions from visitors to this site (see the 'Contribute' menu for more information on this).