Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts are a collection of independant charities with each one representing their own part of the country. There are thirty-seven Trusts in England, five in Wales, a Trust for Scotland and a Trust for Northern Ireland. There are also Trusts in Alderney and the Isle of Man. Each of the Wildlife Trusts is a registered charity and has its own trustees. Although each of the Trusts may differ in their set up and constitution each share the same common aims of saving and protecting wildlife, and bringing people closer to nature.

Predominantly 'grass roots' in nature the Trusts tend to work with local people such as farmers and other land owners, and involving others such as schools and local groups. They are nonetheless significant landowners in their own right and manage over 2,300 nature reserves across the UK. Their funding comes from membership donations, grants for specific projects and slices of money from national shemes such as the postcode lottery.

In Yorkshire there are two Wildlife Trust charities - Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust. Together they manage over 100 nature reserves in the county including iconic and important sites such as Spurn Point, Blacka Moor, Flamborough and Askham Bog. Both of our wildlife trusts are actively involved with conservation issues that involve not only their individual nature reserves but also the wider natural environment. From local initiatives like ridding our shores of plastic and preserving ancient woodlands to major projects such as the Yorkshire Peatlands Project (Yorkshire WT) and the Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership (Sheffield & Rotherham WT) our Wildlife Trusts are leading the way with initiatives to tackle climate change.

The interactive map on this page displays all of Yorkshire and Sheffield & Rotherham Widlife Trust sites. Clicking on any of the marker pins will bring up a brief description of each site and external links for more information.

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